Thursday, January 8, 2015

Before I forget again, I brought a neon pink sweater on
board the ship that everyone continuously comments on whenever I wear it.
They like to tell me how bright it is. While wearing this sweater today at
lunch, Olaf told me that if we didn’t have sunshine we could just use me
as a substitute hahahahaha. I pointed out that he was wearing a YELLOW
sweater while telling me this. It was more of a dark yellow though haha.

I went out and watched the snow yesterday. It snowed in tiny pellets
rather than anything discernible (with the naked eye at least) as
snowflakes. It was still beautiful and peaceful though. When it gets
cloudy and snows the world becomes monochromatic. It’s like living in
grayscale. The water turns a remarkable charcoal gray, almost black, and
the clouds ahead vary from white to a deep gray as well. Even the ice
shelf stops looking blue. And you can see the snow coming down far away,
like when watching rainstorms roll across the desert in the summer. The
fog mixes with the white of my breath, and the cold air is so wonderful to
breathe. The Polarstern becomes the only bit of color in that vast

Shelf and snow
Shelf and snow
Photo credit: Hannah Zanowski

We have been looking for a place on the shelf to park the ship. The one we
had chosen before by helicopter turned out to be riddled with cracks so
the Neumayer people couldn’t meet us there. I think we’re still scouting
for other places. Also the wind coming off the shelf is pretty strong
today, so that is not helping.

I heard it was quite cold [back home]! You guys are beating me by quite a bit!
It’s a balmy -1.7C here right now. To be fair though, an Arctic winter
cold outbreak should be able to beat Antarctic summer haha.


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