Sunday, January 4, 2015

Neumayer-Station Photo Credit: Hannah Zanowski
Neumayer Station III
Photo Credit: Hannah Zanowski
Hmmm it will probably be colder there than it is here haha. We’re only at
about -3C, but we’ve had wind over 10m/s since yesterday. It’s 13.4m/s
right now and was stronger yesterday. Today is beautiful though. The sun
is shining and the clouds are racing across the sky. The air is the
freshest I’ve ever breathed, I’m sure, and the ice is mangled and bunched
from the wind. It makes for a fascinating landscape, but it sure gets cold
fast when I stand outside to take pictures! I usually need to thaw my
hands when I get back inside. I like to walk into the lab and shove them
in the heater haha. We’ve been hanging around Atka Bay, trying to keep the
ice from closing in on us by continuously moving around. Of all the places
to have to spend some extra time, this one certainly is remarkable! I
think tomorrow or Wednesday we will be able to resume the fuel operation
so we’ll be back at the ice shelf, which is always exciting. I haven’t
seen many penguins in the last couple of days, but the thought of them
always keeps my spirits high. What a great place, and what a great
adventure this all is! I am happy here.
Adelies Photo Credit: Hannah Zanowski
Photo Credit: Hannah Zanowski
I sleep, write emails, read, eat, go outside, and play water ball
(basketball in the pool) now haha. I’ve talked to scientists on and off
about research, and I looked at some of the pictures from the wildlife
photographers and learned some new birds. I can’t remember any of them
though haha.
At the "Ice Bar" Photo Credit: Hannah Zanowski
At the “Ice Bar”
Photo Credit: Hannah Zanowski

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