Friday, December 19, 2014

…….We should reach Neumayer at the end of Christmas Day, so it looks like
Antarctica will be my gift! :)

Other stuff (Responding to some questions sent by a colleague):

Trip to the bridge? crow’s nest?
Not yet. It’s on my list. Won’t forget :)

Albatross siting?
I think so? I’ve seen some big birds, but there are some big Antarctic birds so I dunno.

Any gripe you want to unload?
SALTS SUCK. I ALWAYS have to run them when the days are beautiful.

Getting plenty of chocolate?
Yessss, and it’s glorious.

Still getting lost?
Nope, not really!

Favorite meal(s) or new food?
Um I am happy with the rolls they serve at breakfast. I make many variations of bread and butter with them haha.

Fully adjusted to the strange sleeping (or lack of) schedule?
It’s constantly adjusting so yes I am adjusted to having to adjust constantly.

Signed a float yet?

No, I haven’t actually! I should get on that!

Crushed styrofoam cups via the CTD?
Nope but they are in my cabinet, waiting.

Make a giant screwdriver in one of the Niskin bottles and let the water cool it?
Also nope, but they’ll be making sangria at the end of the last station. It’ll be red wine and OJ haha.

Closing in on the Antarctic Circle, once we finish this mooring station.
It’s weird thinking that tonight, for the first time in my life, the sun
will not set. I like that. And it’s much better than its winter
alternative. :) Still, a very strange sensation indeed…makes me think of
infinite possibilities.


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