Meet Hannah

Hannah Zanowski is a graduate student at Princeton University’s Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS).  Zanowski is currently studying the formation mechanisms and impacts of open ocean polynyas in the Weddell Sea in various climate models.  Zanowski’s ship, the R/V Polarstern, departed from Cape Town, South Africa on December 2nd.  Zanowski is currently launching SOCCOM floats and will be aboard the Polarstern until early February.

Come aboard the Polarstern with Hannah as she explores the Southern Ocean and Antarctica! You can read more about Hannah’s adventures on her blog page. You can also track Hannah’s ship using this interactive map.

Please note that this blog includes some archival photographs to be used until Hannah returns and is able to post her own high resolution photos. Each photo has been cited accordingly.

Header photo credit: Hannah Zanowski.


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